The Solution

For Stress-Free Stuffing of
Metal Coils and Heavy Cargo
in Containers

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Tired of waiting for irregular breakbulk carriers for your heavy and bulky cargo? Had enough of time-consuming container stuffing at huge cost? Enough of costly container and cargo damages and IPPC rules?

Here is the answer. We name it


CoilSafe is the efficient and flexible method of securing heavy cargo in containers. The patented ecofriendly technology of our partners manages without wood, saving time, cost and stress. It is easy and fast to apply. As past performance record of this system is zero damage it is accepted by major carriers, rail operators and road hauliers.

As the name says, the idea of our partners to develop this system started with a completely different container stuffing solution for…


The Traditional Way
Of course the known conventional way of coil stuffing works but safe and secure coil stuffing requires high volume of suitable IPPC timber, high amount of lashing belts and material, skilled carpenters and time-consuming execution.
The Risk
Failing professional and absolutely precise execution of coil beddings, lashings and weight distribution results in claims with damages to containers, coils and possibly other third party objects. The results are stress, direct financial loss, heavy delays and commercial damage.
The Solution
The CoilSafe System works on one component only: The patented bedding.
Our professional partners - historically experienced in stevedoring and breakbulk cargo handling - developed a unique system for safe and secure containerization of heavy and bulky cargoes, particularly
  • Metal Coils
  • Metal Sheets and Products
  • Industrial Components
® International patents registered
The Appication
The CoilSafe System is easy to apply. It is
economic by material savings,
productive by time savings and weight reduction
safe by risk reduction down to zero damage.
Stuffing of a 20‘ container with two metal coils of say 12 tons each
takes less than 20 minutes!
The Acceptance
For these reasons prominent customers appreciate the advantages of this stuffing system which is the prefered stuffing and shipping method of many renowned carriers, rail operators and road hauliers.
Curiosity Aroused?
At STC Cargo we are proud of being in direct partnership with patent holders since long time and are more than happy to market their very special product.

We name it