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Since 1998 this name, logo and slogan are synonyms for quality logistics services in shipping and transport. This brief introduction transports some basics of STC Cargo business activities. Join us and discover our amazing world.

STC Cargo GmbH
Altenwall 4–5 | 28195 Bremen | Germany
T +49 421 330 900-0 | Service@STC-Cargo.com
The seven seas and the air above are our sphere of activity. Marine transportation and airfreight form the most important part of STC Cargo’s activities. We identify workable sea and air port pairs according to the transport needs, professionally organize, manage and control shipments worldwide. From wherever to wherever. Dedicated, efficient, reliable and safe.
At STC Cargo we pride ourselves to call five continents our home. Our network of independent joint venture partners enables us to facilitate local logistics requirements at both ends, origin and destination. One of our special services are hinterland traffics, amongst others in Africa, Latin America and Middle East. Should there be a logistics requirement related to Antarctica we are confident to find a workable solution for this 6th continent as well.
Transport Modes
At STC Cargo we are more or less logistics engineers or architects, and the five transport modes are our most important tools: Sea, Air, Road, Rail and Inland Waterways. Usually door-to-door traffics are efficiently executed as multimodal transports. Smart combinations of various transport modes are not only a solution for a logistics job but commercially economic the same moment.
The much we appreciate the convenience of containers there are lots of three-dimensional considerations in our business, from surface transport via export packing to ro/ro and breakbulk shipments. At STC Cargo we are used to cope and think outside the box. Same important for us is the fourth dimension – TIME. At STC Cargo operational solutions and sensitive logistics timing go along with each other. We care for all four dimensions.
Principles of Logistics
The right product to the right places at the right time – and this at most economic cost. One size does not fit all. The details matter. Close communication and in time information is essential for professional supply chain logistics. We establish communication pipelines for an optimal exchange in both directions in order to safeguard logistics as scheduled. STC Cargo cares for any aspect.
In Partnership
In business same as in life: It takes two. Customer’s international business and forwarder’s logistics competence need to team up for common business success. STC Cargo service packages allow customers to fully concentrate on their core competences. STC Cargo provides global services to global industries in partnership.
Name to recall: STC Cargo
One reliable source for any logistics needs.
Where ‘Service’ is no phrase but our product.
Where our business slogan is our commitment.